And The Semester Starts Tomorrow . . .

Although I had intended to spend my last weekend before school started doing any that wasn’t school related, I spent most of today going over information for both classes. My professor for ILS656-Information Architecture had already posted the syllabus and class readings. I noticed that the professor for ILS560-College & University Libraries (or Academic Libraries as called by the professor) opened up this class today. I printed the syllabus early this afternoon along with the readings for this week. And, so of course, I started doing the readings.

Anyway, both classes look great. I guess I’m a bit more excited about ILS656-Information Architecture because it is something I haven’t studied. I work in an academic library – and while I certainly have more to learn about them, I’m very familiar with them. Last semester, I found ILS565-Library Management to be a bit painful because the subject matter was too real. I’m thinking the same might be true for ILS560-College & University Libraries. The good news is that although I expect both classes to be challenging, I think the workload will be manageable (famous last words, huh?).


3 Responses to And The Semester Starts Tomorrow . . .

  1. I am interested when you post about your classes so I can compare differences. We don’t have classes based on types of libraries. We don’t have a class on academic libraries per se, but classes on types of information/literature: humanities and social sciences, sciences, government documents, international organizations, health organizations, Canadiana, etc.

    Here is a list of or elective courses.

  2. prettiesthate says:

    Masters in Library Science? How is that? I think that’s my goal (so far) in life. I’ll be heading off for college this fall. Any tips or pointers/disappointments, etc you may have?

  3. Jennifer says:

    Steven, I do plan to post about my classes. I checked out your class options. I noticed that there was a class on special libraries at your school – but not academic or public ones. It is always fascinating to look at the differences in the curriculums at various schools.

    Prettieshate, the MLS is pretty interesting. I decided to get my masters because I have spent all of my adult years working in a library – and wholeheartedly enjoy the atmosphere. If you are interested in an MLS, I would suggest that your spend some time working in the library at your college. It is a great way to find out if you like libraries.

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