Walt Crawford Says Take a Vacation . . .

and I’m listening. In February’s Cites and Insights, Walt Crawford gives some great advice about how to find some balance: deep breathing, contemplation, unitasking and ultimately taking a vacation – a real vacation which for Crawford means “being away for at least a week,” “being somewhere and doing something that discourages thoughts of work,” and “turning off” or unplugging. Do you know what? I definitely need a vacation – and not just from work, but also from school. I guess a break from blogging couldn’t hurt either. I need a true library-free zone. While, I have been away within the past year (a two week trip to St. Maarten), I wasn’t truly unplugged. Because I was taking a class, I had to bring my laptop – and as such, I read my email (school and work), answered questions from coworkers, wrote a paper, participated in class discussions and read class assignments. So, I’m not that counts as a real vacation. These days, everywhere I go, I’m thinking about libraries: what are they? what are their problems? what can we do to make them better? etc., etc., etc. If I’m not careful, I’m going to find myself experiencing library overload – which from what I hear is quite a painful condition.

Anyway, my husband and I are thinking about taking a trip to Las Vegas in early June for a cousin’s wedding. Although visiting Las Vegas has never been one of my must-dos, I think it is too good of an opportunity to miss. Plus, we should be able to get to Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon – two things that I have always wanted to do. I’m going to go home tonight and tell my husband that we have to go. Walt Crawford says take a vacation – and I’m listening.


5 Responses to Walt Crawford Says Take a Vacation . . .

  1. Good for you. Seems to me Las Vegas (and those great sidetrips) should be able to get libraries and email and blogs and… out of your head for a few days. And you’ll probably come back refreshed and more effective.

  2. Jason says:

    The sad thing is, real vacations don’t occur as much anymore. I’ve read plenty of stories about people who go away somewhere, and then worry about work. Their gadgets are a bit too handy, and they get ensnared while supposedly “off.”

    I hope to take a real vacation with my wife sometime in May, after the end of Spring Semester. Right now, we’re talking about Galveston or Atlanta (two of our favorites).

  3. Jennifer says:

    Walt, refreshed and more effective is what I’m hoping for. Libraries in all their glories might just be sucking the life out of me – between a full time job and school. I really, really enjoyed the Finding a Balance article from this month’s Cites and Insights. It is a bit sad that we need to be reminded of these things, but sometimes I think we don’t even noticed how involved we become in work and school (to the detriment of life).

    Jason, you are right about real vacations. They don’t happen as much as they ought to. With the state of technology, it is hard to be disconnected unless we make a conscious choice to do this. I am definintely guilty of this. I find it hard to let go of work – because I worry about technical emergencies (which because of Murphy’s Law always do happen when one is away). I haven’t felt like I have decent backup at work – that is changing somewhat because having a decent backup should be a huge priority for everyone.

    I haven’t been to Atlanta (unless you count the airport) or Galveston. Hopefully, my husband and I will start taking regular vacations in order to see a bit of the world.

  4. Joe says:


    My sister lives out near Las Vegas and I’ve been out to visit her three times (I’m in CT). If you do happen to go, try to see Red Rock Canyon and the Valley of Fire. Each of these are within an hour or so of Vegas and have great desert scenery. Early June temperatures will be hot….last time I was out there was in ’01 and it was 113 degrees the last day of my visit (first week of June).

    Either way, hope you get some time off to relax. Take care –

  5. Jennifer says:


    Thanks for the suggestions. I’m definitely looking for some places to see – outside of casinos and the like. Given how frigid it currently is in the northeast, I can’t even imagine 113 degrees. Ouch!!!

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