ILS656-IA Team Project

The major portion of my ILS656-Information Architecture class is to work on a group web site design/redesign project. The professor asked us all to submit any ideas that we had for projects – and to list our strengths according the the Nine Pillars of Web Design. Once she had all of this information, she created a list of suggested web projects and a list of suggested topics for each student. We all voted for which projects we would like to work on. At this point, the professor came up with an overall plan for four projects and tentative teams. I will admit to being a bit disappointed that I was not given my first choice of project. Rather than work on a web site at SCSU for distance students, I will be working on a redesign project for a public library. However, overall, I think this is a great assignment, and that there is a great deal to be learned from redesigning a public library web site.

I also want to say how much I appreciate the way in which the professor put all of the group projects together. As a rather introverted type, I have always hated trying to find a group to work with in a classroom setting. I don’t do it well in a face-to-face class where I actually might know someone – so I find it even more traumatic in an online environment. In this case, the professor handled the situation very well. She allowed us to come up with the project ideas and then made suggestions. She allowed people the flexibility to object or express doubt – and make changes. However, she oversaw the process and made sure that everyone had a place. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

While I didn’t get to work on my first project choice, I was made project manager of the project to which I was assigned. In addition, I will be responsible for Concrete Design, Content Production; Technology Implementation, Technology Strategy, and Site Strategy. Wow!!! There is a great deal of work involved in this project – and right now it seems daunting. Additionally, I’m a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of being in charge. It will definitely be a challenge. Of course, right now, everything is still a bit nebulous. I have only been in contact with one of the team members (and hope to hear from the second soon) – so it will probably take a bit to feel comfortable within our team. There is something a bit more challenging about collaborating solely in the cyberworld. But, I’m excited – and looking forward to seeing what we come up with. Hopefully, it will all go well.


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