Facilities Project – ILS560

February 14, 2007

Without a doubt the semester is in full swing. Last week, I had my first assignment due for ILS560-College & University Libraries – and I have my second paper for the same class due on Sunday. For this facilities project, we have to research one physical aspect of the academic library (classrooms, information commons, digital library facilities, etc.) and then visit at least two libraries which have the physical aspect. Ultimately, we are to write a 6-8 page paper critiquing the space – looking at things like logic of space design, acoustics, lighting, etc. I will admit to being a bit rushed given that I had to turn in my annotations assignment last Friday. Although, the information commons is a hot topic, I am really, really interested in the concept and what it actually encompasses. As such, this is the physical aspect that I have been researching. I am sitting under a virtual mountain of articles and URLs, trying to put my thoughts together in a cohesive manner. Back to work, I go!