A Thursday Afternoon Pet Peeve

February 15, 2007

It probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that in order to participate in the world of distance education, more usernames and passwords are required. Ok, I can deal with this – after all, I use the course management system, the email/portal and library resources quite frequently. This helps ensure that I don’t forget my usernames and passwords. However, as many places do, SCSU requires that one change their email/portal system password every 90 days. This username and password is also the one used for the course management system (which is new this semester). What I would like to know is why every 90 days? I know this is a standard time frame – I run across it all the time. But, why can’t an educational institution make the time frame run for a whole semester. I hate changing my password in the middle of the semester. I had to change it yesterday – and I know it will take me a good 1-2 weeks to stop typing in my old one!! It would be much easier if we had to change our passwords at the beginning of each semester – or even if we had the option of developing our own password aging scheme. This I would like. It really, really is the little things that can drive one insane . . . . . .