Listserv Rage

Everyone has probably experienced road rage – an incredibly insidious phenomena. Fortunately, I only have a 4 mile commute to work – so I am able to keep my incidents to a minimum. This is especially auspicious since I am prone to severe irritation with the majority of drivers on the planet. I’ve been able to kind of keep the problem under control. However, lately, a new rage has started to emerge – that of listserv rage. I generally don’t participate in most listserv discussions – even though I must be subscribed to at least 20 different ones. If I have an answer to a question being asked, I will respond. But beyond that, I just lurk and hit the delete key over and over and over again.

Despite the fact that I don’t participate, I do find that I tend to get caught up in the battles that take place. Some listservs seem to be prone to these types of battles more than others. It becomes kind of like a sickness that I can’t help but follow. I wonder who might have responded now. Who will be silly enough to send an unsubscribe request to the whole listserv? Oh, so and so is out of the office again – and obviously doesn’t believe in unsubscribing from listservs. Who is going to scold whom today? And then I get listserv rage. I can’t believe that person wrote that. What were they thinking? How could they say such a thing?

I’m thinking of unsubscribing from them all. It might help my own sanity.

A big thanks to Jane’s (from A Wandering Eyre) husband, Mr. Rochester for helping me make the road rage connection. I feel his pain about the left lane drivers.

4 Responses to Listserv Rage

  1. megan says:

    I subscribe to exactly 3 lists: two related to SFX and one for reference people at Oberlin group libraries. I read a couple of others online (Endnote, COLLIB-L). Getting rid of all my lists about 3 years ago was one of the best moves I ever made.

    Granted, now it might be time to weed my feeds, but I’m scared….

  2. Iris says:

    I right there with you. I had unsubbed from most of the lists, but they’ve been slowly creaping back into my google account… can’t quite figure out why. But here, this is for you, too. 🙂

  3. Jason says:

    Having moved from rural Ohio to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, I have had to get used to horrible driving. I am one of the few people who actually honks at those who weave in and out of lanes, but everyone else seems willing to countenance such rude behavior.

    As for “Listserv Rage,” I have noticed the same problems as Jennifer. One of the worst I’ve encountered is NEWLIB, where certain employed and unemployed librarians have gotten into self-righteous flame wars every few months. A few weeks ago, someone called for a boycott due to the unpleasant tone of quite a few postings. I got on board and gave my final thoughts before unsubscribing; nothing nasty, but I let my displeasure be known. Fortunately, I found the unsubscribe directions I received a few years ago, and I really am unsubscribed. I could probably stand to lose a few more discussion lists myself, which can have either too little information of substance, or too much information that “might” actually be useful in the future.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Yes, I think that I need to start unsubscribing from some listservs. I do find that subscribing via gmail helps – one can delete the entire conversation without reading it. I started subscribing to listservs via my gmail account, but didn’t start unsubscribing from my primary work email. I gotta get on that!!

    Iris, I loved your serenity poem – quite serene!

    Jason, Newlib is awful. I still subscribe via digest mode – however, I don’t think that I actually need to read most of the stuff that comes across there.

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