A Group Emerges – Kind Of

March 1, 2007

Thanks to some publicity by SCSU’s Rebecca Hedreen, there are now 11 members of the distance education group that I created on Facebook. Wow – what a start! There still isn’t too much there, but people have added some comments – and even a discussion. I’m pretty excited by this response. It is really amazing to try something out – and to have people join in.

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time playing around in Facebook – trying to learn how it works, what it contains and what one can do with it. I admit it can get pretty addictive. Of course, I can’t spend too much time messing around with it or my school work will suffer. Overall, so far, so good. Cool!

The Nightmare of Daylight Savings Time

March 1, 2007

Right about now, I’m hating daylight savings time. I’m up to ears in software patches, notifying people that their appointments in Outlook might be off and all sorts of others things that are off just because of the change to the start of daylight savings time. The three week time period starting on March 12th promises to be quite fun. I’m really thinking that I ought to take at least that first week off!!!!

This is one of the really irritating and thankless IT tasks – that always seem to creep up. Nobody really understands how much time they take up. Nothing else can get done until they are completed. If we are lucky, nobody really notices anything at all.

What has been patched? What hasn’t been patched? Who knows? Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. Let the fun begin!