To Confuse The Issue Even More . . .

March 4, 2007

After publishing the preceding post with my musings about class choices for my final four courses, I happened to look at SCSU’s ILS department web site to check on courses schedules. Oddly enough, links to the new guidelines for planning one’s MLS program were actually there. Of course, why they are listed on the course schedule page, I can’t quite determine. However, I was excited to actually see them posted. I don’t know when they were added, but it wasn’t that long ago. My advisor has told me a couple of weeks ago that the planned program form that was in use was revised last fall. I’m not entirely sure why this information wasn’t given to the students several months ago.

[For an institution that is supposed to be preparing students to work with information in an effective manner, their communication skills could be considered to be less than ideal.] 

Fortunately, the new guidelines wouldn’t have changed my course selection for this current term – so, I guess I can’t complain too rigorously. However, they do throw my future class plans into disarray. I need to check with my advisor about his thoughts on course selection. This new plan does break down the courses in the program into 7 groups. It is suggested that one the 5 requirements are met students should take their 7 electives from at least three of the remaining 6 groups. Most of mine are in one group – and the ones that I planned to take this summer are in that same group. Yikes!!!! This is a big headache!!!

The Last Four Classes

March 4, 2007

Given that I am now taking my 7th and 8th classes (out of 12) in the MLS program, I have to give some serious thought to planning the rest of my program of study. The initial planned program that the ILS department used is no longer in effect. From what I understand, the new guidelines are a bit more fluid – and there are no specific group requirements. Students in the specific tracks will still need to take different classes, but there will be more flexibility in class selection. This is good news, especially since some of the classes that I had specified in my planned program sheet haven’t even been offered at my time at SCSU.

At this point, there are 5 required courses:

  1. ILS501 – Introduction to Information Science & Technology
  2. ILS503 – Foundations of Librarianship
  3. ILS504 – Reference and Information Services and Resources
  4. ILS506 – Information Analysis & Organization
  5. ILS680 – Evaluation & Research

I have taken all but ILS680 – Evaluation & Research.

Those in the academic track have 2 required courses:

  1. ILS560 – College & University Libraries
  2. ILS565 – Library Management

I’m done with these (or will be come May). 

The remaining 5 courses are all electives. So far, I have taken (or are taking)

  1. ILS530 – Information Systems Analysis & Design
  2. ILS656 – Information Architecture

So, I have three electives left to take. While I am not quite sure at this point when I will finish my coursework, I am hoping to be done sometime in 2008. So, this means that I have to give some serious thought to my remaining class choices.

Registration for summer session starts this week. I’m thinking about taking ILS566 – Library Personnel Management or ILS568 – Library Public Relations. I think both subjects are important, but that as a department manager a class on personnel management might be of more immediate use to me. There is a slight part of me that wants to take both (but so far, I’m not giving into that desire. Also, that would mess us the rest of my plans).

As for the fall, although part of the course schedule has been posted, not all classes are currently listed. I really want to take ILS534 – Library Automation – which of course, is not listed yet. This means that I don’t know who is supposed to teach or (or even if it really will be offered). As for ILS680 – Evaluation & Research, this class is causing me some angst. Three different professors teach the course – and one of them is the professor that I refuse to take again. The second, I haven’t had as a professor and the third is the one that I think I want to take. However, this professor only teaches ILS680 during the summer and fall semesters – when I really want to take it during the spring of 2008.

Anyway, now I’m more confused than ever. What to do? What to do? What to do?