Registration Day For Summer 2007

March 5, 2007

Fortunately, my advisor answered my questions about class selection – and I’d like to believe that I am much less confused. He told me that he was fine with the course selections in my original plan. As such, I did go ahead and register for ILS566 – Library Personnel Management. Currently, there are 10 students registered – so I hope that bodes well for enrollment.

My new plan is to go ahead and take ILS680 – Evaluation & Research in the fall. I was hesitant about this because fall is a very stressful time at work for me. However, the professor I want to take the class with will be teaching – and I think that will be the most important factor in the class. Additionally, the class that I wanted to take in the fall – ILS534 – Library Automation is being taught as a traditional class on campus. Bummer!!!!

Anyway, that will leave me with two remaining classes. I am a bit torn. Basically, if I take 2 courses during one of the next three semesters, I can finish in spring 2008. How wonderful does that sound????? Should I take two this summer or two next spring? I am interested in ILS568 – Library Public Relations. Hhmmmm!!!! We shall see. I’m not too concerned. Overall, I think that deciding when to take ILS680 – Evaluation & Research was the most important thing that I needed to work out. With that I shall relax a bit and stop worrying about it for now. Cool!!!