It Is All Coming Together

March 12, 2007

I’m in the final stages of putting together the document that contains student concerns about online classes at SCSU for the department chair. It has been a rather time consuming task that has had some ups and downs. Some students have expressed concerns about anonymity – not wanting it to be known that they were involved in the process, others thought some of this might have been prompted by one event and others weren’t exactly sure what we were doing. I have been extremely anxious about student reactions to the wiki and incredibly careful to try and not make people uncomfortable (hopefully, I succeeded). Overall, everyone who contacted me with questions, however, was extremely polite and positive – even if they wanted out. But in the end, I worked with about 30 people – 28 of whom are current students and 2 that are recent graduates of the program.

Since I started in the program, I have keenly felt the lack of community for the students. To combat this feeling, I’ve been doing quite a bit to find some way to help students find a sense of camaraderie amidst the impersonal communication that can permeate the online world. Ironically, this entire discussion about these concerns has been a massive exercise in helping to build a sense of community among many of us in the program. I’ve been working more closely with a handful of students – those who took time to edit the wiki that I created, proof read the document that I wrote and took lots of time to say thank you. I would love to say thank you back to them.

Ultimately, whatever the outcome of our attempt to get our voices heard, I would have to say that this effort has been successful. We are working as a community to try and accomplish something positive. We have bonded. And, I have never felt more a part of SCSU than I do today.

Imperfect Search Results

March 12, 2007

In a tribute to a hilarious post by the Annoyed Librarian, Stumbling Upon the AL, – in which she responds to various searches that have brought people to her blog – I thought I would share a few odd searches that have landed people at my blog.

My favorite of all time is “things that drive me crazy in bed.” Really, I don’t even want to know – and I’m hoping the person didn’t find anything helpful on my site.

Some other good ones are:

  • “what does liason mean” – I’m pretty sure that I’ve never defined it here.
  • “my plans for next weekend” – People do some pretty interesting searches on the web. I hope that my plans for next weekend didn’t come up.
  • “automatically change american to british” – I guess as a result of my post on Conservapedia, which has garned lots and lots of traffic.
  • “my professor yelled at me” – I have no clue what the connection is.
  • “what to do about a extramarital affair” – I’m pretty sure that I have no answers for that problem. I know this leads to my post about a certain article that appeared on

Looking at search terms is wildly addictive – and incredibly fascinating. I can’t help but wonder why some of the people doing these searches clicked on my site.

Anyway, thanks to the Annoyed Librarian for a good laugh!