Imperfect Search Results

In a tribute to a hilarious post by the Annoyed Librarian, Stumbling Upon the AL, – in which she responds to various searches that have brought people to her blog – I thought I would share a few odd searches that have landed people at my blog.

My favorite of all time is “things that drive me crazy in bed.” Really, I don’t even want to know – and I’m hoping the person didn’t find anything helpful on my site.

Some other good ones are:

  • “what does liason mean” – I’m pretty sure that I’ve never defined it here.
  • “my plans for next weekend” – People do some pretty interesting searches on the web. I hope that my plans for next weekend didn’t come up.
  • “automatically change american to british” – I guess as a result of my post on Conservapedia, which has garned lots and lots of traffic.
  • “my professor yelled at me” – I have no clue what the connection is.
  • “what to do about a extramarital affair” – I’m pretty sure that I have no answers for that problem. I know this leads to my post about a certain article that appeared on

Looking at search terms is wildly addictive – and incredibly fascinating. I can’t help but wonder why some of the people doing these searches clicked on my site.

Anyway, thanks to the Annoyed Librarian for a good laugh!


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