It’s Been A Wild Week

Although the transition to Daylight Savings Time was rather smooth, everything else has been just a little bit off – nothing bad, just weird. People at work have been having strange connection issues that, of course, tend to disappear once I make an appearance. I have been having trouble adjusting to the time change. Additionally, I had to have blood-work done for which I had to fast for twelve hours. I’m not entirely sure that I even remember having blood drawn. The result, you ask? Low levels of potassium. I’m now downing orange juice, broccoli, potatoes and carrots like mad. The good news is that this seems like a reasonable explanation for recent bouts of listlessness and fatigue. Of course added to this, I have been working like mad on this project that I am working with at SCSU to coordinate the effort to get student concerns verbalized. And, now I need to focus on homework. I would love for things to return to normal, but it seems as if we are going to have a snow storm tomorrow. A bizarro end to a bizarro week!!

One Response to It’s Been A Wild Week

  1. […] some good news, my potassium level has mysteriously returned to normal after being low for a couple of months. I had a follow-up appointment with a nephrologist yesterday that lasted all […]

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