Blogging To Build A Community

Michael Stephens asks “Should first semester students start blogging immediately in library school?” My answer is an emphatic YES!!!!! In this post over at Tame The Web, Michael Stephens quotes a blog post from techLearning about the problem of using blogs in education as writing tools rather than tools for conversations. It is an extremely interesting post and certainly reinforces the notion of how important blogs can be to facilitate conversations and to then build community.

In this vein, I think that blogs could be a very valuable tool for LIS students – and could help to fill a void for distance LIS students in particular. Blogging could help to promote a sense of community among distance students, traditional students, faculty and even the administration if used effectively. I love the fact that the Dominican University Graduate School of Library and Information Science has started a blog (found via Michael Stephens – Tame The Web). I would love to see more of this sort of thing. The possibilities seem endless – and I think the community that would evolve could truly enhance the educational experience.


One Response to Blogging To Build A Community

  1. dulissa says:


    I definitely agree w/ you re: blogging promoting a sense of community…That’s certainly one of the hopes behind starting Dominican’s dulissa blog. Just a clarification: it’s actually LISSA (Library and Info. Science Student Association) doing the blog, not the program/school. That’s one reason we’re hosted at – a small measure of independence. In any case, thanks for the mention and the link!

    Andy Leinbach
    MLIS candidate, Domincan U. GSLIS
    LISSA board member
    blog guy

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