Balanced Libraries – by Walt Crawford

I have my copy of Walt Crawford’s Balanced Libraries: Thoughts on Continuity and Change in hand. I had requested that the library where I work buy a copy. The acquisitions librarian thought I should have my own copy of it since a couple of my blog posts are quoted. So, I did indeed purchase my own copy. I’ve skimmed a couple of sections (yes, of course, I mean those sections where I was quoted – along with some others). I’m looking forward to reading it from start to finish. I’m a big proponent of balance and tend to believe it is critical for us to strive for balance between employing innovative techniques and relying upon time-tested strategies to bring quality service to our patrons.

My favorite quote so far:

Librarians work most effectively when they recognize that most users (and, for most public libraries, the most dedicated users) are less devoted to constant technological change than they are to the heart of libraries: Good people offering effective access to varied, worthwhile collections that center on books. (p.224)

Update: As of noon on April 3rd, I’ve made it through Chapter 11 – only 4 more to go. The good news is the this is a really easy read (to me that is a positive statement). There are some areas with statistical stuff (a discussion of the Pareto Principle in Chapter 2 and a discussion of Everett Rogers “diffusion of innovation curve” in Chapter 11 as examples) that may require a bit more time and attention. Barring unforeseen events, I should be able to finish it up in about half an hour after work tonight.

2 Responses to Balanced Libraries – by Walt Crawford

  1. Thanks for reading and commenting. (You’re first on a post linking to any comments and reviews, but not commenting on them.)

  2. Jennifer says:

    How exciting!! 🙂 I didn’t comment over at Walt at Random because I haven’t read enough of the book. As noted above, I’m looking forward to reading it!!

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