Can You Feel The Love?

This Five Blogger Heroes Meme has been a bit of a love fest – lots of warmth and fuzziness all around. I guess there has been some backlash to the whole exercise, and I can’t honestly say that surprises me. I can see how it may seem a bit sappy. However, some of the incredibly nice things that people wrote about this blog did absolute wonders for me. I admit it – being mentioned by Walt Crawford, Meredith FarkasMark Lindner and Jason from Thus Spoke Pragmantic Librarian lifted my spirits – and helped rejuvenate me quite a bit. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all!

The past several weeks have been difficult. I got involved in trying to help students at SCSU (especially in regards to online classes) get some consolidated voice to effect some positive change. It has been tough. I expected some backlash, but it kind of knocked me for a loop anyway (mostly due to the fact that I take everything so seriously – and allow guilt to take hold way too easily).  I’ve had things happen at work that are driving me crazy. On top of this, I’ve had some minor health issues. I recently found out that I have low levels of potassium – and am now drinking orange juice like mad. I have to go get my levels retested next week. Two weeks ago, I got a phone call about some other routine medical testing that I had done. “We see something here on this x-ray and need to schedule a followup.” Luckily, it all turned out ok, but I was an absolute basket case between the time of the phone call and the follow-up visit. Not fun!

So, I’ve been a bit out of sorts. I was losing interest in school a bit – finding it difficult to distance myself from from all of the work I had been doing with fellow students in order to work on homework. So, it made my month to know that people appreciate the time and effort that I spend on this blog. I feel the warmth and fuzziness of love surrounding me – and I’m cool with that.


2 Responses to Can You Feel The Love?

  1. Jason says:

    Backlash against “schoolyard exercise in clique formation,” eh? Translation: Someone’s blog didn’t appear on a bunch of someones’ lists. Oh, well. That someone should probably consider writing a better blog. Something thoughtful, well-written, and even witty would be a good start.

    I’m glad that the comments have helped lift your spirits, especially with all that you’ve been dealing with. Just keep on focusing on what you do well, and know that a lot of people appreciate what you have contributed to the profession.

  2. What Jason says.

    Seriously, this semi-accidental process was the furthest thing from clique formation–it was, intentionally or not, about drawing wider circles: Going beyond a hall of mirrors.

    Also, maybe it’s just experience, but while I’m still not fond of linking just for the sake of link love (which didn’t happen in this case), I’m not sure I see anything wrong with kind words honestly meant (as they all were in this exercise, as far as I can tell)–and quite a bit right with it. We most of us could use some encouragement now and then!

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