It Wasn’t As Bad As I Thought

I got a grade back on my term paper for ILS560-College & University Libraries early this afternoon – and all is well. I definitely wasn’t overly thrilled with the paper. I chose to look at the impact of distance education on the academic library. I was fairly excited when I chose the topic a couple of months ago. However, as time passed, as life interfered and as I got caught up in all sorts of other projects, I really wasn’t able to put the time and effort into the paper that I normally would have. Usually, I have way too much to write – and end up spending a good deal of time cutting lots of material to shrink the overall page length. This time, I struggled to stretch the length so that the conclusion would make it on the 10th page – of an assignment that was to be between 10 and 12 pages. On Saturday morning, I had a better thought about the focus of the paper and almost started the whole thing over. I stopped myself since I had most of the paper that I turned in completed at that point. I figured that I just had to let it go. I’m glad that I did – and I’m happy with the grade. I believe my professor commented that it was brief, the topic wasn’t deeply covered, but was well written. I can live with that assessment.


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