The Final Four Classes

After some serious deliberation, a great deal of angst and even some periods of prolonged apathy, I have pretty much figured out the rest of my MLS program. A few minutes ago, I went ahead and registered for a second summer class. This means that I will be taking two classes this summer, one in the fall and then one next spring to complete my MLS program. I guess it is probably quite common for class selection to get more complicated as one progresses through the program. After all, there are always several sections of the required courses being taught – and one has lots of flexibility about when to take them and with whom to take them. The picture is much murkier when class choices are slimmer and when one has decided which professors to take and which to avoid.

I have to admit that my choices for my last four classes have much more to do with wanting to take certain professors and wanting to avoid certain others than an incredible interest in the classes themselves. I will be taking one class with a professor that I haven’t had before, but have heard good things about; two classes with a professor that I have had before and enjoyed; and one with a professor that I swore never to take a class with again. The irony of it may be driving me a bit batty. However, I have one required class left to take and I believe that taking it with this professor is the best choice that I can make at this point.

So barring cancellations my final four classes will be:

  • ILS566-Library Personnel Management – Summer 2007
  • ILS655-Digital Libraries – Summer 2007 – As of 5/8, I decided that I should just go with this one rather than ILS575. ILS575-Instructional Design Principles – Summer 2007 – This is the one that could get cancelled. If it does, I will try to take ILS655-Digital Libraries
  • ILS519-Collection Development – Fall 2007
  • ILS680-Evaluation & Research – Spring 2008

Am I thrilled with my course selections?? I don’t think so, but I’m not necessarily disappointed either. I’m really at a point, where I am much more concerned with finishing than with anything else. There were so many classes that I was looking forward to taking. Yet, these courses either weren’t offered or weren’t offered online. And I really have to ask myself, how much can one’s overall course selection really matter? Realistically, I’m not exploring my options for work in the library world. I already have found my place in library systems and am fortunate enough to have the work experience to back this up. I need to have my master’s more than I need to have course work in specific areas. So, ultimately, it feels good to have these decisions made and to have some sort of plan that should lead to graduation in about a year. That makes me happier than anything else!


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