Tuesday Morning Musings

So, the end of this semester is in sight – and as I mentioned previously, I think I will survive. Actually, I think I will do better than just survive. I’m not talking grade wise – I’m referring to my psyche. I’m not terribly worried about how I did. For some reason, I really feel as if I did the best that I could given all of the constraints that have conspired to make life a wee bit difficult this semester. And even more importantly, I’m ok with that. It feels really good not to be obsessing about things too much (I do have to admit that there is probably some minor obsessing going on in the bizarre recesses of my mind). I have a suspiscion that the beautiful weather (with unseasonably warm temperatures and lots of sunshine) might be responsible for my inability to be too bothered by things – and possibly the fact that the Red Sox swept the Yankees over the weekend (these were great games to watch while doing homework).

I head back to work this morning after having taken almost a full week off in order to get a handle on my end-of-the-semester workload. Fortunately, things at work remained stable was I was away – no big problems erupted. It is always nice to return to work without an overwhelming amount of stuff to do.

Yeah!!! Today, life is good!!!


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