Need Some Inspiration?

I’m not sure that I’ve ever met a child that actually wanted to be a librarian. I know that there must be some out there who do, but I doubt that being a librarian is one of the most appealing occupations to children. That is why I find this blog post so very heartwarming. In it, a mom writes about her 7 year old son, TJ, who wants to be a librarian. There is a picture included in the post that TJ drew of a librarian – complete with a big smile. TJ and his mom made me smile today and reminded me that I am proud of what I do. TJ is lucky to have a mom who wants to help him accomplish his goals. Best of luck TJ!


One Response to Need Some Inspiration?

  1. March Day says:

    You should be very proud of what you do! TJ thinks his school librarian is the coolest person because she gets to be the keeper of all those books! Plus, she knows a lot about the computer and internet. You can’t beat that! I realize what you do is so much more than that, but from a 7-year-old perspective, I can understand the “cool” factor involved.

    As a parent of a child with autism, I’m frequently thinking about what the future has in store for TJ. I certainly hope that he will find a vocation that brings him indepenedence and happiness. Seems like a lot of people with autism tend to lean more toward careers with science, math, and computers. I have gotten to know a few adults with autism that are very successful in these areas.

    But what about librarians? Are there librarians out there who might be somewhere on the autism spectrum? Perhaps you or your readers know someone who may have some words of advice for me in encouraging TJ in this area. Of course he’s only 7 and tomorrow he could have his heart set on being a rodeo star. But I don’t think his love of books is something that will ever change.

    Anyway, so glad we made you smile! TJ and I are tipping our hats to all librarians everywhere!

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