Another Semester Comes To An End

It is official – I am done with this semester! Overall, I’m not sure how to categorize this semester. It almost did me in several times. Of course, most of my biggest challenges were school related, but not course related. Actually, this was the first time that I took two classes that I actually liked (with professors that I respected) in one semester. Both were excellent classes in which I learned a great deal. Sure, they both required a great deal of work, and the work might have made me incredibly cranky and intractable at several points during this semester (feel free to ask my husband, if you don’t believe me). However, I now have a great sense of accomplishment that I made it through – and am fairly happy with the quality of work that I was able to produce. So, I am BEYOND happy to be done – to have about a month break from school – to be able to relax for a bit.

So, that was the good part of my mind set. As for the other, this semester gave me some serious ambivalence about SCSU’s MLS program. Online programs are tough, I think – both to participate in and to administer. It seems to be much easier for all people involved in them to give a half-hearted effort. I got involved in trying to get some clear vision of the problems that students feel exist – and this whole thing has weighed heavily upon me. I definitely need to get back to it because it certainly is much too important to just let slide. I find it ironic that in the semester that I had two of the best classes of my program, I came away feeling worse about the program than I have at any point thus far.

Regardless of this fact, I will press on. I am 3/4 of the way through the program. That is enough to help me overcome my feelings of ambivalence. I will make it through, I will make it through, I will make it though.


4 Responses to Another Semester Comes To An End

  1. Lucky! I still have till Saturday.

  2. Joe Fox says:

    Congrats Jennifer ! You’re in the homestretch now….hope you get to relax before your summer session begins…

  3. Kirsten says:

    WooHoo for you! The 11th is the last day for me. *sob*

    I’m beginning to think that a certain amount of ambivalence is fairly typical for students just pass the half-way point, having heard similar things from folks in my program. It seems to be the point at which we’re familiar enough with our respective programs to know what we’d want to change, and to be frustrated that there’s little we can do about it.

    Plus, there’s the whole the-end-is-near stress. As you’ve mentioned before, it becomes more difficult to pick classes, and then there’s the axe of choice (comps, thesis, portfolio, project, etc.) hanging over our heads. Fun times!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Good luck to all of your with the end of your semesters!!

    Kirsten, I agree with you that ambivalence seems to be something that many students go through – especially towards the end of their program.

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