Spring 2007 – A Wrap Up

Well, the semester has been over for a week, and I have been spending quite a bit ot time reflecting on it. It wasn’t a great semester in terms of my efforts at school work, or my attitude towards school in general. Yesterday, the professor for ILS656-Information Architecture posted our grades for our final projects as well as our overall class grade – along with excellent explanations of all. In all honesty, I think the grade that my partner and I got on our final project is actually generous (for me). The group project was a difficult one. We, the students in the class, suggested the website redesign projects that became our final projects. The professor picked the teams, assigned projects to the teams and assigned each of us specific tasks – project manager, content development, technical implementation, etc. I was the project manager – and was assigned a variety of specific IA tasks to do on the project. Initially, there were three members to my group. One of the students in my group, however, dropped the class. I didn’t understand at the time that one can’t really manage a group of two – that just doesn’t work well.

The other issue was that the person I was working with was the tech person at the library whose website we were tasked to redesign. This meant that in some ways she was way too close to the site – and I was way too removed from the it. I think this caused a huge inequity of work between the two of us – and I wasn’t on the good side of that equation. To me, it seemed as if my partner had given this redesign a huge amount thought prior to the start of the semester and had specific goals in mind from the beginning. None of this is bad – just difficult in terms of providing a good educational, group experience. I wasn’t sure how best to deal with the situation – and instead of rising to the occasion, I just let things go. The bottom line is that I didn’t get as much out of the class as I could have – and realistically, I can’t blame any one but myself. The real shame is that this was a great class – and an important one. It isn’t as if I wasted my time over the past several months, I just didn’t apply myself in the manner that I normally do.

Fortunately, things went better in ILS560-College & Academic Libraries. I was definitely more involved overall. I didn’t do the best job on the term paper that I wrote. However, in this case, it wasn’t so much lack of effort on my part as it was interference from life. In general, I found this class easier to take because it was the third time that I had taken a class with the professor who taught it. This professor is also my advisor – and I have a better idea of his style of teaching and of what type of work he expects from students.

So, I’m glad to see the end of this semester. It put me through the wringer several times over. The silver lining must be that I made it through – possibly a bit wearier, a bit less excited about school and a bit more anxious to be done. I’m clinging to the fact that I am 3/4 of the way done!


One Response to Spring 2007 – A Wrap Up

  1. “The other issue was that the person I was working with was the tech person at the library whose website we were tasked to redesign.”

    That just sounds like a horrible idea. It would be impossible NOT to be too close to the project, and the other person would likely not learn anything they wouldn’t learn in their job anyway. (I’m having an awkward sentence day, please forgive me.)

    It seems like every class, after it’s over, I think to myself “I could have put in a little more effort.” I think that will always be true- but there comes a time when you have to say “good enough!” and move on.

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