Summer 2007 – The Books

Yesterday, I decided to go ahead and drop ILS575-Instructional Design Principles in favor of ILS655-Digital Libraries. I’m not sure why I was avoiding Digital Libraries – especially since, I think it will be an important class to have taken. ILS575 still only had 11 registered students – and ILS655 had 18 (with a max of 20). It seemed that I would be taking a gamble with ILS575. Besides, I needed to get books ordered. The professor for ILS566-Library Personnel Management sent an email this morning with her final choice for our text.

So, I ordered the books this morning from Amazon. The required text for ILS566 is Supervising Staff: A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians by Marcia Trotta (ISBN-13:978-1555705244). For ILS655, Introduction to Digital Libraries by G.G. Chowdhury & Sudatta Chowdhurry (ISBN-13:978-1856044653) is required and Understanding Digital Libraries by Michael Lesk (ISBN-13: 978-1558609242) is recommended.

When I placed the order, Amazon offered me the chance to purchase the digital version of the Lesk Book for an additional $9.99. Being an onmivore and one who likes to try everything out, I decided to go ahead and purchase this version. I’ve never used Amazon’s Online Reader, but so far, think this is pretty cool for textbooks. I wouldn’t have done it for a fiction book. After only a couple of minutes using this, I like the fact that you can bookmark parts of the text, highlight relevant pages and get to it from any computer with internet access. I’m definitely looking forward to playing with it a bit more!


2 Responses to Summer 2007 – The Books

  1. val says:

    lesk was my advisor in grad school and taught my digital libraries class. little did i know i was brushing with such fame…

  2. val says:

    perhaps i can get your book autographed for you 😉

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