I Was Outed!

This past Saturday evening, I was indulging in my voyeuristic tendencies by checking out the Library Society of the World chat room on Meebowhen some of the participants began to speculate that the guest in the room might be Michael Gorman. I felt compelled to reveal myself – which may have been somewhat disappointing to those who thought I might be Gorman. 🙂 So, the verdict? Much more fun than I would have guessed. Just about as addictive as I thought – although I am forcing myself to stay away. It is also worth noting that I wasn’t the only one there on Saturday evening (although I suspect most of the others weren’t on the east coast). So, I don’t feel like a total nerd (just a partial one). To those that were there on Saturday evening, thanks for being guinea pigs to my first chat/IM experience ever (not counting chatting with Comcast tech support once).


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