Who Couldn’t Use a Walt Crawford?

It is official – Walt Crawford is looking for a job. As he explains it:

Ever thought you or one of the groups you work for or with could use a Walt Crawford?

Here’s your chance.

The RLG-OCLC transition will be complete in September. I’ve received a termination notice from OCLC, effective September 30, 2007.

I’m interested in exploring new possibilities. For now I’m trying not to narrow the options too much.

I’ve been thinking about this since I heard the news a while back – trying to figure out what I could do to help. Sadly, the only opportunity that I could currently offer would be a chance to write some quality papers having to deal with generic library science topics. Of course, there are two major problems with this. First, my library science professors would probably think this constitutes a violation of academic honesty policies (by the way, this is a joke – I do write all my own material for school). Second, this could only be a volunteer position (I guess what I really need is a clone of myself who isn’t as lazy as the original).

So, it seems as if I can’t do much more than help spread the word at this point. I hope it helps.

Walt, best of luck to you in your job search!!!

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