Excitement Reigns Supreme!

I have just booked a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon for next week. I would call it a joint anniversary gift (today is actually our 7th wedding anniversary – how quickly time flies UPDATE: it flies even faster since it is our 8th anniversary), but my husband – who is not a good flier – isn’t entirely sure he plans to go. Since we are going on vacation with my parents, my mother may end up going in his place. As one who loves to fly, I’m looking forward to my first trip in a helicopter – and more importantly, the Grand Canyon itself. I decided on one of the trips with a descent into the canyon. I am thinking this will be the highlight of the vacation (for me at least). I can hardly wait!!!

In addition, we are also going to see Cirque du Soleil – the “O” Show, I think. I was very wishy washy about going to see a show. We – meaning my husband, my mom, my dad and myself – dragged our feet, went back and forth about what we wanted to see. I’m not opposed to Celine Dion, but not in a hurry to spend lots of money to see her – and I doubt I could drag my husband. Fortunately, everyone seemed intrigued by Cirque du Soleil.

I can’t wait!


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