Feeling Whiny & Out of Sorts

June 17, 2007

Since my return from vacation, I have been in one of those moods where I have absolutely no desire to take the time to sit down, form coherent thoughts and sentences and blog – about anything. This is somewhat ironic given that I had some serious blogging diarrhea in May – everytime I turned around I felt the need to write something. But this week, I have been tired. I found the three hour time difference between Massachusetts and Las Vegas to be difficult to overcome. Oddly enough, I had no such problems going to Europe. Beyond my problems sleeping, I had two assignments due for school this week – a subject review paper for ILS655-Digital Libraries and an assignment to write 12 interview questions for ILS566-Library Personnel Management.  Taking a week off really set me behind. So, I guess I really didn’t have the time to blog either.

Don’t get me wrong, the vacation was definitely worth it – but I have been paying for the time away. I ended up taking Monday off in order to complete the subject review paper. Fortunately, work had been rather quiet while I was away – and I was able to get through Tuesday without massive stress. Of course, things got quite a bit more intense as the week went by. At work, we had training for our new ILL management system on Friday. I thought I was well-prepared for the training – in terms of prep work including client installs, software customization, etc. However, I left having the supplier update our server to the latest version to too late. They completed this late on Thursday afternoon – and by late, I mean that it was completed at just about the time where I should have been on my way home. This had me scrambling around like a madwoman even later on Thursday afternoon and way too early on Friday morning to get my hands on the new client and then install it. Additionally, I hate trainings, meetings, conferences and the like on Fridays – it makes me surly. Fortunately, when all is said and done, the training went very smoothly – despite my sour and hassled mood.

But in the midst of all of this, I had nothing really to say – and certainly nothing good to say. As such, it is probably a good think that I didn’t feel much like blogging. I’m sure you wouldn’t have enjoyed my whiny ramblings. The good news is I think I am now feeling caught up – and back to a more normal state. Here’s hoping!