Another Grade Already

I was quite happy to get a grade on my subject review paper for ILS655-Digital Libraries late this afternoon. I felt a bit confused about what the professor wanted (which have have been the result of me making it all too complicated – and being very nervous about taking a week off). I did fine – well, I think I did fine. There are often these bizarre grading systems that professors use. I mean they really do make sense if you read the syllabus carefully, but since every professors uses a different scheme, they are difficult to keep straight. Besides the actual grade, the professor had some thoughtful comments to make.

So, it is a big relief to have grades on the first assignments from both classes. As a student, it is so helpful to have the professor take the time to grade the first assignment quickly. Personally, it helps me feel grounded in the class, gives me a good sense of how things are going, and helps me feel more comfortable moving forward. I now have a very pleasant sense of relief that all is going as it should for this summer session. I’m excited about both classes – and looking forward to the rest of the semester.


2 Responses to Another Grade Already

  1. alice says:

    I was a bit confused about that assignment, too–but I also seem to have come out ok (although I found his comments a little hard to interpret as well…). How was your experience as threaded discussion leader?

  2. Jennifer says:

    I’m not sure about my experience as threaded discussion leader. I haven’t yet done the summary. I’m hoping to get that done soon!!!

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