I’m Definitely Feeling Better

Yesterday, I received my first grade for this semester – on my assignment for ILS566-Library Personnel Management to pick a current library job description, write up 12 interview questions as the supervisor of the job and explain the rationale behind the questions. I had a lot of fun doing the assignment. I picked a job description for a systems librarian at a small community college. I agonized a bit over the choice of job: should I pick a job description for a job that I am intimately acquainted with? would it be a better learning experience if I used another job? would it matter to the professor? Despite these questions, I’m happy with the job that I choose for the assignment. It really made me take a look at what I do, what I would hope for in hiring someone to replace me and what I would need in hiring someone to work for me. I have had four people work for me over the past 7 years – which means that I have hired four times. I like to think this is a skill that I am getting better at, but I still feel that this is one of my personal weak spots. 

I honestly felt that this assignment made me think about hiring from a more philosophical standpoint. I was amazed to discover that I really don’t think enough about hiring. I only think about it when I need to do it – and at that point, it is critical to get someone hired. I find it uncomfortable, so I just try and get through it. Of course, hiring the right person is critical, and I need to better prepared for the entire process – before I need to go through it. When I started the assignment last week, I wouldn’t have thought that it would actually mean something to me – but it has. I haven’t had one of these a-ha, breakthrough moments in school for a while and I think that I really needed it. To top it all off, I did well on the assignment – and got some excellent feedback from the professor.

Life and school are looking better!


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