School in the Summer? Yuck!

I hate going to school in the summer – absolutely abhor it. There is just something that seems so wrong with the whole concept. I’m sure it harkens back to the fact that as children we got the summers off from school – and that it was such a wonderful time. Of course, I know that I only have myself to blame for my current pain. No one forced me take one class last summer or two classes this summer. It was really my own idea. Of course, last summer’s class was bad – possibly the worst in my entire program so far. This summer, my two classes are really good – and, in theory, I’m enjoying them. However, I also forgot that summer classes are a bit accelerated due to their shorter timeframe. This means that I currently have work to do all of the time! So, I don’t remember last summer fondly – and I doubt that I will remember this summer with anything less that frustrated irritation.

This week, I have had two assignments due. The first was a digitization assignment for ILS655-Digital Libraries which required us to create (or digitize) a text, sound and/or movie file. It wasn’t difficult, and I actually let myself play around with Photoshop and Windows Movie Maker. Oddly enough, it was a fun assignment, and the professor graded the work within 24 hours. The second assignment involved writing 6 mini-essays on different aspects of outsourcing in libraries. This definitely wasn’t as much fun as the digitization assignment, especially since I was pushing the deadline to actually finish it. I finally completed it last night about 10PM – only an hour before it was due. I have very mixed feelings about the quality of my work, but am happy to be done.

Within the next week or so, I have two more assignments to complete. By 11PM on July 5th, I have to write my reactions to two scenarios that involve ethical dilemmas in hiring (for ILS566-Library Personnel Management). I also have to write a review of a digital library or of a digital library technology (for ILS655-Digital Libraries). This one is due on July 9th. I would like to just be able to enjoy some time off for the the 4th of July, but I guess I will be busy doing homework.

Good news for the future: This should be the last time that I take summer classes. I will cling to this fact to help get me through this summer session!

One Response to School in the Summer? Yuck!

  1. Jason says:

    Summer classes are a huge pain — I took one last summer myself. This summer is my first semester off since I started my MLIS two years ago. Just think, you’ll be glad to have that much less work to do when you’re near the end.

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