Since I’m In Need of Sustenance

. . . this, from the Disorganized Librarian, caught my eye. I’m no artist, so this list isn’t in the spirit of the original question. However, those practical types among us find inspiration and comfort in things too. These are things that sustain me.

  1. Reading fiction – I love to curl up with a good book. I currently have about 25 unread books waiting for me to read when this semester is over. I can hardly wait.
  2. Chocolate – either Hershey’s or in the form of chocolate chip cookies – Chocolate can take my stress away like little else.
  3. Bubble baths – I often combine this relaxing treat with #1 and #2. Heaven!
  4. Coca-Cola – This is about all I drink. I become disgruntled when I go out and the establishment only serves Pepsi. FYI, Pepsi has a huge foothold in Las Vegas – which made me very sad!
  5. Salt and Vinegar potato chips – I’m a big fan of potato chips (and really potatoes) in general. However, Wise Salt and Vinegar potato chips make me happy.
  6. My collection of tv shows on DVD – I often look forward to having large blocks of free time to sit and watch hours of a series. I haven’t been able to do much of this since I enrolled in school, but look forward to when I will have time for it again.
  7. Early morning phone conversations with my best friend on the weekends – We don’t have these conversations much any more, but when we do, it puts a huge smile on my face for the rest of the day.
  8. My husband – He makes me laugh more than anyone else in the whole world – and quite often when I need a laugh the most.

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