It Was Just One Of Those Days

Today was the type of day that makes me question whether technical support is a viable task – and more specifically whether it is something that I can do and remain sane. I can tell that today was stressful because my entire head aches – especially me teeth and jaw. My entire body is tense – and I need some serious down time. Fortunately, I have finished the assignment that I have due today – otherwise, I would be in serious trouble.

Sometimes it seems like trying to offer decent technical support is like trying to nail jello to a wall. Today, I had to tell someone that due to a virus, spyware and human error, they had lost all of their email. I also had another situation where someone’s email seems to be just disappearing from the inbox. Realistically, it must be downloading to a POP3 client somewhere – somewhere that I don’t have control over – somewhere that I can’t pinpoint. Adding to the problem is confusion over where and how email is stored – on a local computer or on the server. This is not an easy concept for many to grasp (probably because it isn’t explained well enough). Technically, the email probably isn’t lost – but it isn’t anywhere that the user can find it either. The worst part is that with better planning, better training and more information, both of these situations could probably have been prevented. A great deal of the blame rests with me. I’m the one that failed to make sure that either person had a good knowledge base about best practices for email and/or backup procedures. So often, it is easy to let information sharing go – there is just so much else to do. And, let’s face it, catastrophic failure isn’t that frequent.

Today was a painful one – and not just for me. Sadly, these types of things are part of the job. There probably is no fullproof way to prevent catastrophic failures. Sometimes, nature combines all of its forces to allow a series of events to take place that wreak havoc for some. Meanwhile, I will continue to persevere – try to minimize the chances of these types of events taking place – and try to be there to help. Now, I need to go take a bath!


4 Responses to It Was Just One Of Those Days

  1. diane says:


    Don’t bash yourself! Like most computer users, I have built up useful layers of knowledge but have no real rock-bottom understanding of how everything works. Can you fix your car? (that’s a rhetorical question; if you can, please don’t tell me and make me feel inadequate). I can drive but have no mechanical ability. Likewise, I can blog without technical expertise on the inner workings of a computer or its program applications. It would take you years of instruction to bring your entire staff up to speed on the hows and whys of e-mail and everything else. Explain what you can as you troubleshoot. All else leads to insanity!


  2. Jennifer says:

    I’ll try not to bash myself too much. Technical support can get extremely complicated – and at times, I takes things to heart when I shouldn’t. Fortunately, I’m feeling better today – and am ready to get back to it. Thanks for your words of wisdom!

  3. Jeff says:

    Everybody has days like these. It does take a considerable amount of time to get these types of information together. When I started my current job, nobody had any specific duties at all. Only after two years was it broken down, and only this year are we at a point where we can begin technology competency training. It is a long road.

    You never see the progress when you are right up against it, but if you step back over time, you can see the big difference. Not enough of us do that.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Jeff, thanks for the reminder about not really being able to see the progress. I often foget to keep the big picture in mind – I need to remember that!!

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