My Brain Is Turning Into Mush

July 31, 2007

. . . which isn’t good because I still have to finish my final for ILS566-Library Personnel Management. I have some outlines, but still have to write the answers to the two questions. Beyond that, WebCT Vista was down for most¬†of today. It just came back up – and I’m betting there are lots of frustrated students out there. I’m so glad that my digital library final project was due yesterday! As a system administrator, I feel for those in the IT department at SCSU – it had to have been a rough day. Of course, as a student, I really believe that Southern needs to find a way to inform people of such a system outage. For a majority of the distance students, WebCT is the only interface to the school.

On an entirely unrelated note, I’m fascinated to see that large chunks of people search the web routinely for the phrases “I hate school” and “Happy Birthday, Dad.” It is odd that if one were to search Google for either of these phrases (exactly), links to two of my posts (titled I Hate School and Happy Birthday, Dad of course) would show up within the top ten results. Not necessarily what I intended, but interesting¬†nonetheless.

Lastly, this is my 31st post during the month of July – and, yes, I felt compelled to post tonight to make it so.