How True Is This?

August 2, 2007

Tim Spalding from¬†LibraryThing¬†writes: “I have seen the future of libraries: It is to spend the future discussing the future of libraries.” It does seem this way. I almost snorted a mouthful of Coke all over my living room when I read this. I’m still chuckling.

A Small Reminder To Myself About The Good Things

August 2, 2007

For the past six months, I’ve been feeling as if school is one big roller coaster ride consisting mostly of low points. This feeling comes less from actual classes than it does from the overall distance education experience. I often find myself in danger of wallowing in the negativity – and that just isn’t right. So, I write this post to remind myself of the positive. This semester, despite my complaints about going to school in the summer, was a wonderful one. I took two great classes with two engaged and attentive professors – who teach great online classes. I learned valuable things. I will be a better librarian for what I learned. A big thank you to both of these professors!!

I was prompted to write this post by an email from the professor who taught ILS566-Library Personnel Management. Around 6:30PM, she sent me an email with a grade for my final exam – and for the class itself – less than 24 hours after I had submitted the final exam. I know she is going away – this is why the final was due yesterday rather than tomorrow. I’m sure she wants to have her grading done before she leaves. Such a turnaround time on grading isn’t the norm, but I appreciate it – I really, really appreciate it. Tonight I will only think of the positive.