Out With The Old

I’ve just finished cleaning out my blog categories – very rewarding, I have to say. I’ve wanted to do this for a while, but today got to the be the lucky day. I was so fascinated by categories when I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress that I went a little hog wild. Now with a little distance and some perspective, I have a better handle on what I post and what categories are meaningful. One caveat here, when I say meaningful, I mean meaningful to me. Anyway, the list is much more manageable now.

This was all inspired by the fact that I recently had to clean out my office. Last weekend, the entire second floor of our library was being painted. It was a major pain in the posterior because those of us with offices on the second floor had to move everything away from the walls. This was made much worse by the fact that my office was a disaster area. The good news is that I threw out mounds of old software (including my OCLC Passport software, Windows NT installation disks, all of my software on floppy disks, etc.), piles of broken and obsolete hardware (including broken barcode readers, dot matrix printer parts, yards and yards of bizarro cables, etc.), and tons of paperwork. It was truly a cathartic time – despite the disruption of it all. I’m not sure that I plan to unpack any of my boxes. I’m enjoying the minimalist feel.

Now, I just need to tackle my house!


One Response to Out With The Old

  1. diane says:

    Since you have so much time on your hands now…I tag you for “8 Random Things”. The Rules are on my blog.

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