Eight More Random Things

August 8, 2007

I’ve been tagged by Diane over at Journeys for an Eight Random Things meme. I did this one back in May. However, I’m sure you are all dying to learn eight more random things about me.

First, the Rules:
1) Post these rules before you give your facts
2) List 8 random facts about yourself
3) At the end of your post, choose (tag) 8 people and list their names, linking to them
4) Leave a comment on their blog, letting them know they’ve been tagged

Ok, I gave you the rules – despite the fact that I’m going to ignore number 3 & number 4 (reasons explained here and yes, I am aware that in many instances this means that I am no fun. Sadly, I hear this quite regularly. This is a bonus random fact).

  • I haven’t been wearing my wedding/engagement rings for the past several weeks due to ring rot. I seem to get all sorts of itchy, bumpy crud under my ring at times – it is worse when it is hot and humid. I feel like I am naked without it, but my finger feels better.
  • Green is my favorite color. My engagement ring is a marquis cut diamond with emeralds on the side – that my husband designed himself. My wedding band has emeralds also. I love emeralds!
  • I have to sleep with my feet, hands and head outside of the covers – nor can I wear socks to bed. If my feet, hands or head are covered, I overheat and then cannot sleep. I prefer my appendages to be cold. My husband often refers to me as the cold, dead hand (or foot) monster.
  • I threw up in public once at a bar/restaurant – right at the table where I was sitting in front of many members of my extended family. I had been out in the sun all day without a hat, had been drinking some alcohol and had a nervous stomach due to some dude who wanted to dance with me. After the dance, I returned to the table and promptly got sick. I tried to aim for my cup, but let’s just say that didn’t go so well. Fortunately, my uncle and aunt were there to help me clean up my mess. This is still one of my most embarrassing moments ever.
  • I am becoming a huge fan of the new USA network show Burn Notice. Some of the acting isn’t the best, but Gabrielle Anwar, Sharon Gless and Bruce Campbell are excellent. I hope it doesn’t get cancelled. Some of my favorite tv shows of all time have been on USA – Counterstrike, Silk Stalkings, Pacific Blue, La Femme Nikita and Psych.
  • In high school, I cheated on a quiz where we were supposed to have memorized Hamlet’s to be or not to be soliloquy. It wasn’t intentional. However, I hadn’t learned it as well as I should have and the guy who sat in front of my put his copy under his desk in the perfect spot for me to see. It seemed like divine providence at the time. This was my one experience with academic dishonesty.
  • I can’t swim and really don’t like the water. It has to be incredibly hot for me to want to get into a pool or go into the ocean. This bugs my niece and nephews – and my husband too.
  • I have a deep fear of colored toilet paper – and am quite happy that no one ever seems to use it anymore. As a child (in the 1970s), I asked my parents why we always had only boring, old, white toilet paper. They explained to me that this was because colored toilet paper was bad for our septic system. In all of my infinite wisdom (I’m not sure how I old was at this point), I decided that a septic system was the anatomical system for personal waste management – and that using colored toilet paper would give me cancer of my septic system. I spent years avoiding the bathroom at people’s houses if they had colored toilet paper – and I mean that I went to some great lengths to avoid using the facilities. When I did have to break down and use colored toilet paper, I spent days waiting for my septic system to become cancerous and for the more private parts of my anatomy to fall off. I seriously can’t explain how traumatic this was. I’m not entirely sure when I figured out what a septic system was and that most of my relatives were able to use colored toilet paper because they lived in areas with sewage, but it was definitely by the time I was about 10 years old or thereabouts. And no, I never mentioned any of these fears to my parents (who obviously used my relatives’ bathrooms without incident or worry) – nor did I feel compelled to warn others about the dangers of colored toilet paper. I guess I figured if my parents wanted them to know, they would have told them. Anyway, if I do happen to be someplace that has colored toilet paper, I still find it difficult to use – and will prefer to wait if possible. I always found blue toilet paper to be especially heinous because I thought it would give me cancer faster than pink. One of my coworkers gave me a couple of roles of blue toilet paper at my wedding shower. I promptly discarded the offending item.

This was as difficult as it was the first time!