Library 2.0 Roundup – Redux

I’ve been meaning to update this list for quite a while – but school, life and work took precedence. However, there has been some recent conversation about Library 2.0 amongst library bloggers – and this compelled me to get started.  One caveat: this is a work in progress, and I will be continuing to update this post over the next month (or two or three – I have a huge backload of posts that need to be added).

Blog Posts 

ALA TechSource

Annoyed Libarian 

Ballad in Plain E

Basically – by Megan– by John Blyberg

cheese and crackers –  by Laura – by Cliff Landis

dave’s blog – by David King

David Lee King – by David Rothman

DIY Librarian – by Tara Murray

DrWeb’s Domain

Free Range Librarian – by K.G. Schneider

Gather No Dust -by Jeff Scott

The Geek Librarian

The Goblin in the Library– by Joshua M. Neff

Knowledge-at-work – by Cass Nevada

heyjude – by Judy O’Connell

Idaho Commission for Libraries Blog

If This Be The Method . . .

Information Wants To Be Free– by Meredith Farkas

IT Matters @ SCSL

j’s scratchpad

jamie’s blog for the library – by Jamie

Jersey Girl Librarian

Knowledge-at-work –by Denham Gray 

The Krafty Librarian

La-La-Librarian – by Lisa Harrington

Last Clear Chance

The Laughing Librarian – by Brian Smith

lauren’s library blog – by Lauren Pressley

Learning Express – by Lori Reed 

libdev– by Sarah Houghton-Jan

Librarians Matter – by Kathryn Greenhill

Libraries and Life – by Dr. Curtis Rogers – Blog Central for Libraries in Australia

Library 2.0: An Academic’s Perspective – Laura Cohen

Library Dust – by Michael McGorty

Library Journeys . . .  – by Marie Palmer

Library Juice

Library News – by Alice 

library of primitive art

Library of Terror

Library Stuff – by Steven M. Cohen

Library Voice – by Chad Boeninger 

Library Web Chic

Library Zen –by Garrett Hungerford

LibraryBytes – by Helene Blowers

LibraryCrunch – by Michael Casey

Life As I Know It – by Jennifer Macaulay

Life Is Better With Commas

LIS::Michael Habib: On Librarianship and the Information Sciences– by Michael Habib

Lis.dom – by Laura Crossett


Lyndy the Librarian


Max Power Blogs

Miss Information


The Other Librarian– by Ryan Deschamps

Participation Literacy

Pattern Recognition – by Jason Griffey 

The Questing Librarian – Christie BW

Reference Services

Sarah Ann Long – North Suburban Library Director

The Searching Librarian

See Also . .  – by Steve Lawson

Something New Every Day

Subject/Object –by Steven Chabot 

Stephen’s Lighthouse – by Stephen Abram 

Talking with Talis

Tame The Web: Libraries and Technology 


Thoughts from a Library Administrator– by Michael A. Golrick

Tom Roper’s Weblog

The Ubiquitous Librarian

Walt at Random  – by Walt Crawford

A Wandering Eyre – by Jane/Michelle Boule

Wanderings of a Student Librarian – by Joy Weese Moll

What I Learned Today . . .– by Nicole Engard

Yarra Plenty Online Learning





Library 2.0 Blogs


Other Stuff

10 Responses to Library 2.0 Roundup – Redux

  1. May says:

    Great list, I’m coming in new and this is great resource for my reading. Thanks!

  2. […] Update – 9/6/2007 – I have updated this list – see Library 2.0 Roundup – Redux. […]

  3. Jennifer says:

    I’m glad the list is useful for you May!

  4. […] 2.0 and Library 2.0 plus? ). If you want to read more about it, Jennifer Macaulay’s excellent Library 2.0 Roundup – Redux has a great wodge of useful […]

  5. […] Jennifer Macauley has included my post on “What Library 2.0 Means to Me” on her Library 2.0 Roundup-Redux page, a handy source for thoughts on Library 2.0. There are opinions from well-known librarians as […]

  6. […] Library 2.0 Roundup – Redux « Life as I Know It (tags: chapter1) […]

  7. […] general consensus seems to me to be that the difference between library 2.0 and library 1.0 is that library 2.0 is user centric and user driven; and a lot of it seems to be driven by new technologies (though it […]

  8. […] that doesn’t focus solely on Library 2.0, but rather covers library school topics in general. Library 2.0 Roundup – by Jennifer Macaulay, lists a plethora of resources for the […]

  9. Bridget says:

    I’ve posted the series over on my education blog, so commenting is open.,

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