Assignment Number 1

I just passed in my effort at the first assignment of the semester. The assignment was to twofold: to find a collection development policy on the web from the type of library one is specializing in and then to evaluate it according to the criteria set forth in our textbook; and to evaluate an actual policy given to us based upon collection development purposes in same textbook. How do I feel about it? Ok, I guess. I’ve taken this professor before, and I like her. I like her assignments. More importantly, I like her classes. Her assignments always tend towards the practical – and I think that is a good thing. First assignments are always nerve-wracking, and I really shouldn’t expect this one to be any different.

In terms of collection development policies, I’ve actually written one – specifically for a government documents collections (SUDOCS rule!). Was it a good one? I have no idea. However, it did get ok marks during an FDLP inspection. My problem? I did not actually want to take Collection Development. It isn’t a subject that I am interested in any way. I have no desire to take the subject lightly. It is obviously important. I’ve just developed significant interests in library systems and technology. That won’t change. So, I’m trying to make the best of this. I don’t want to suffer through this semester. I do want to learn something useful. Here’s hoping!


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