I Hear You!

Michelle, from Yarns from M., writes:

Do you know what I think grad school does to you? I think it forces you to live, eat, breathe and sleep your chosen future profession, so that it becomes the overwhelming theme in your life and then you graduate, it falls away and you are left to wonder…well, what else should I be doing, since I’m not working in my chosen field yet?

I can second the sentiment about graduate school becoming the overwhelming theme in one’s life. I’m fortunate, very fortunate, to already have a job. I sympathize wholeheartedly with Michelle’s sentiment here, however. One eats, sleeps and breathes libraries, graduates from library school and is then at a loss because of trouble finding a job. It must be so easy to lose all of one’s excitement about working in a library. On the other hand, when one does have a full-time library job and attends library school, it almost seems as if there is never any break from libraries. I actually have to set specific boundaries and try to make sure that I have “library-free” days – days where I do not go to work, days where I do no do any homework, days where I don’t read anything library-related. I can tell you, I don’t get enough of these type of days. Fortunately, things are a bit better this semester. Taking only one class makes a big difference. However, there are many, many big projects going on at work that are making it difficult for me to let go when I leave the office. Graduate school can be a tough experience. Working in a library can be a tough experience. Doing both can be excruciating at times. I am eagerly awaiting the end of my tenure in library school, I can tell you that.


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