I Think I Have Blogger’s Block

Of late, I have been finding it extremely difficult to put any coherent thoughts together to form a blog post. I have started so many blog posts, only to decide that my thoughts were all garbled messes with little worth. I have deleted most posts that I have started over the past several weeks. And, I have spent countless hours staring at a blank WordPress editor screen. It has been quite disconcerting. It isn’t that life has gotten in the way, that school has gotten in the way or that I didn’t want to write.

One of the biggest problems is that I’m feeling extremely unsettled about school – which has traditionally been my primary motivator for blogging. I’m generally unhappy about my school experience, am reluctant to allow myself free reign to vent about my frustrations and am then left with nothing significant about which to write. Nothing specific has happened. I have had some recent contact with students who have echoed some of the same frustrations that I have experienced. This makes me sad – and makes me believe that the school, the ILS department, the administration and even the students are not able to get together to address any issues at this point. I just want to be done – be at a point where I can put this entire experience behind me.

I need to find another motivation for blogging. I need to be thinking beyond school. I will be in school until at least early May of 2008, but I can’t allow myself to be in a blue funk until then. I need to focus on the positive, to remember the good experiences at school, and to find motivation elsewhere. Unfortunately, I don’t think this will be easy.


10 Responses to I Think I Have Blogger’s Block

  1. Emily Lloyd says:

    Just a short note to say that I really appreciate and value your voice–especially as someone who’s unsettled about whether or not to enroll in an MLIS program. Your posts have been some of the best stuff I’ve seen in the biblioblogosphere over the past few months. Thanks for them–and good luck with the funk. I look forward to reading your non-school related thoughts, too.

  2. fran says:

    i think it would be great to read about your frustrations with library school! there must be a way to write it without going overboard ….which im assuming is your concern?

  3. John says:

    Just wanted to say I’m feeling something very similar. I’m almost exactly halfway through my MLIS and feeling blase about it. The initial enthusiasm has worn off and I don’t feel any downward momentum yet. I begin to doubt. Will anything be better once this is over? I think about taking a term off. Then I remember that I felt this very same way years ago during my undergrad years. After year 2, I kept going back to the idea of taking a year off and coming back to it later. I think we know where that would have gone. Hang tough 🙂

  4. karindalziel says:

    I’ve had a lot of half started posts lately too. I just can’t seem to string things together into a coherent post- but then, that’s how it goes for me. I have a string of posts, and then my brain freezes. It’s just just blogging, either – I have not updated the lis students ning page for a while, though I mean to.

    I’ve been feeling a lack of enthusiasm for school too- not as great as you, I think, but I really like my classes and feel like I should be more excited than I am. I also feel like I’m constantly behind, whereas last spring I felt completely on top of things.

    Maybe three classes are too many for me. But I just wanna be done!

  5. Jeff says:

    A good motivation is to try and share positive ideas or experiences. If you are blogging solely about negative thingsyou will begin to seek them out. That’s bad. The Happyville library blog went the same route. The new blog by the same author is just as good and not as restrictive.

  6. Miss Rachel says:

    Hi Jennifer. I discovered your blog yesterday. I’m going to be checking our your archives today, although I have to work on my technology paper too! I am going for my MLIS at another school.

  7. Jennifer says:

    You will eventually appreciate all those 1/2 posts and you will look at them with somewhat aww! You will grab hold and your next masterpiece will be made, give yourself a chance.

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  9. Jennifer says:

    Wow! I guess that I should have checked in more often. I’ve been taking a blogging vacation since I wrote this post.

    Emily, thanks for your kind words. Best of luck with your decision about whether or not to pursue an MLIS. If it helps, while school may be a bit a problem for me, I absolutely love library work!

    Fran, part of the reason I am tempering my posts about school is that I got caught up in trying to make some formal complaints on the part of a group of students to the administration at SCSU. It didn’t go well. I definitely ticked off some people. I’m tired of fighting. Getting involved with this effort has colored my view of the program negatively – more negatively than need be I think. I believe I need some space so that I am not being unfair in what I say. I hope that explains my position.

    Thanks John! It is nice to know that I am not alone. It is amazing how enthusiasm wanes. I try to keep reminding myself that I only have two classes left – or closer to one and a half.

    Karin, three classes are alot – way too many for me. Good luck getting through it!!!!

    Jeff, I think you are absolutely right about sharing positive experiences. I’m just not at a point where I can do that currently – so I’m trying to refrain from just griping. I definitely don’t want to allow the negativity to take over this blog nor my mind. I’m generally a very positive person – and I prefer to took at things from that angle. Thanks for your comments!

    Miss Rachel, thanks for the comment! Good luck with your MLS!

    Thanks Jennifer! Here’s hoping!!!

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