This Semester So Far

This semester is quite a bit different from most that I have experienced while in graduate school. Since, I’m only taking one class (ILS519-Collection Development), the workload is less intense – something for which I am extremely grateful. However, the class itself is a bit different in structure than most that I have taken. As per the syllabus, there are 7 assignments, 10 discussions, 1 midterm and a final project. This past Thursday our 3rd assignment was due – an assignment where we had to determine which specialty publisher would best suit for specific purposes. Our 4th assignment which deals with choosing vendors for serial and electronic publications is due on October 17th.

So far, we have only had one discussion question to answer – and that was due the second week of class. Since then, the only need to log into the class has been to get assignments, post assignments and read emails from the professor. The professor does send emails quite frequently. There is no need to log into class several times a day to keep up with discussion postings. This is kind of weird – and I often feel as if there is no cohesiveness to the class. It is a good class – with very interesting assignments. However, I do miss regular class discussions. They have a way of keeping one involved in the class.

On another subject, courses for spring 2008 were posted today. I knew things would be problematic at this stage because I only have one class left to take and it is a requirement. As it is a required course, it will definitely be offered. However, there may be a problem with who teaches it. This could definitely be a problem. I shouldn’t really be surprised that finishing the program may be the most difficult part of this entire experience!

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