Thursday Night = Homework

Most of our assignments for ILS519-Collection Development are due on Thursdays. In many ways, this is a nice change. In the majority of my classes, papers, assignments and the like have been due on Sunday. This means that I have had the weekend to do work, but has also meant that I spent way too many weekends sitting in a chair in front of my laptop. This semester, I am doing much more of my homework during the week – furiously typing away in order to finish an assignment before the 11:30PM deadline. Usually, I finish with a couple of hours to spare.

In fact, I just turned in our fifth assignment for class. This assignment was actually related to the final project for the class – evaluating and weeding a specific subject area of a real collection. I have chosen to evaluate the QA76 (computer science) section of a library – one which hasn’t been evaluated in some time. It is shaping up to be an extremely interesting project – one from which I think I am learning quite a bit. Collection development is one thing with which I have very little experience.

The next thing up are several discussion questions that are due on November 17th (which isn’t a Thursday). I’m psyched to have my birthday weekend be homework free. That is the best present in the whole world!


2 Responses to Thursday Night = Homework

  1. mayyan says:

    Happy Early Birthday!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thank you so much!!

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