Friday Fun

Who doesn’t stay up at night pondering the identity of the Annoyed Librarian? I mean, the question of the identity of Deep Throat has nothing on the desire to unmask the contentious, yet comical Annoyed Librarian. I would stay up at night pondering this very weighty issue, but I don’t really know too many important people in libraryland. So really, I have no idea and no opinion on the matter. And well, I have other issues that keep me up (work, school, life, work, school, life, etc. ). Despite this fact, I find this conversation about the matter to be the funniest thing ever. It could not have been done any more ambiguously. Thanks to Meredith Farkas and the Annoyed Librarian (whether they be one in the same or not) for lots of Friday fun!!


One Response to Friday Fun

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