Don’t You Want To Know What Type Of Cookie I Am?

December 7, 2007

I do so look forward to the Friday quizzes that Angel Rivera from The Itinerant Librarian posts on his blog. I usually take them all. I will admit that I only post the results that speak to me in some way – (meaning those that I like). Today’s quiz, was the best ever! Who doesn’t want to know what type of cookie they are?

Who wouldn’t want to be a chocolate chip cookie? And, I have to admit that the chocolate chip cookie and I have a very strong bond.

It Is Time To Celebrate

December 7, 2007

I just passed in my weeding assignment. Yeah, the semester is officially over!!!! I’m beat. I’m exhausted. It was an awful week. I had issues sleeping – and got very little. I have been working almost non stop on this assignment. I was only at work two days this week – and both days were beyond abysmal. The end of the semester seems to bring out the worst in most ways. But, I’m done with school for the semester (only ONE more to go!!) and am putting work out of my mind for the weekend (unless I get calls about network and wireless problems).

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts!!!!!