Do Do, Re Re Meme

Diane from Journeys tagged me for this Do Do, Re Re Meme before Christmas. I have been blissfully absent from the online arena for a while – so didn’t really notice until recently. I’m not entirely sure that I can come up with seven more random things about me. It might be time to retire the random things meme. However, I will give it one last shot. Here goes:

  1. Our Christmas tree never really made it up this year. It kept tipping over because of tree-strand problems. It tipped over for the last time after I got about 15 ornaments on it. At this point, I propped it up in the corner and tried to ignore it. I decided it was best not to put any presents under it – or allow anyone to go near it. For the future, I’ve decided that I have had enough of the real tree thing.
  2. My favorite Christmas present this year was a package containing seasons 1 and 2 of Bones on DVD. I’ve made it almost all of the way through season one.
  3. I love to color with crayons. I usually indulge with my nieces and nephews, but have been known to sit with a coloring book all by my lonesome. I, however, cannot color unless I have a package of crayons with at least 64 colors. Otherwise, my creativity is seriously impeded. My personal box of crayons has 96 colors. I’m thinking of upgrading to 128!
  4. I made my first ham and cabbage boiled dinner yesterday. This is my favorite mean of all time (yes, my mom’s family is of Irish descent). It was yummy, and I have lots of leftovers!
  5. Most of my house is clean for the first time in many, many months. It feels wonderful!
  6. I’m going to miss my parents who have decided to winter in Florida now that they are retired. They left today.
  7. I am watching Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End as I’m trying to write this.

This is definitely the end of the random facts for me!

2 Responses to Do Do, Re Re Meme

  1. diane says:

    Thanks for being a good sport!


  2. Jennifer says:

    No problem! I do enjoy playing along!!! 🙂

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