Resume Hell

January 9, 2008

As part of the graduation requirements at Southern Connecticut State University, students must have a current resume posted to an eportfolio site. Since graduation looms, I’m trying to get many of the administrative tasks done before classes begin on the 22nd of January. So, today is resume day, and I’m having an awful time with it. There is very little in this world that I find more painful than having to examine what I do and then write about it.

Intellectually, I understand why this is a requirement, and I even agree that it is something that every student needs to do. However, this is something that I generally avoid doing at all costs. One might think that this wouldn’t be an issue, because if I were on the ball, I would actually have an up-to-date resume that I could just post to the appropriate spot. But, I do not like to do things the easy way. So, yes, this does indeed mean that I have no resume. I’m not just trying to update one. I’m trying to do one from scratch. I have been in my current job for 8 years, and if memory serves, when I was promoted to Head of Library Systems from Library Systems Technician, I may have had to update my resume for the HR department. Regardless, I certainly haven’t thought about it at all in the past 8 years. ARGH!!!

So here I sit in resume hell not quite understanding why I find this such a difficult task. I have helped many people write resumes, proof read countless more. I have a good understanding of what a resume should look like, and of what it should contain. I know a good resume when I see one – and certainly can spot a bad one even easier. Unfortunately, none of that seems to help. Hopefully, I will learn my lesson and actually keep it current once I actually finish it! Hope springs eternal.