Comcast Is All Over The Place

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about some technical frustrationsI was experiencing. The biggest problem, at the time, was a sluggish internet connection. I mentioned in the post that Comcast is my ISP. I was rather shocked the next morning to find an email from somebody in Comcast’s executive office following up about the problem. We emailed back and forth a bit before he put me in touch with someone else. I was never able to actually talk to the other person due to difficulty trying to call during work hours (phone tag and other fun games). Of course, by the time I was in contact with the people at Comcast, the sluggishness of my internet connection was gone. I do plan to watch it. This was the third time that there were several days in a row where our connection was painfully slow. I do hope it never happens again, but one never knows.

Anyway, I tend to forget sometimes that anyone can read anything that I write on this blog. I forget that people and companies have ego feeds to keep them abreast of consumer opinion and the like. I almost felt embarrassed when I received the email from Comcast’s customer support. I mean, I hadn’t reported the problem to them directly. I wasn’t intentionally trying to express dissatisfaction with Comcast. Unlike Mark Lindner, I’ve have a pretty positive relationship with Comcast since they took over cable in my geographical area (but admit that I wouldn’t be at all happy in Mark’s situation either).

I will admit that I was a bit bothered by the information that Nicole Engard sharedon her blog about Comcast. I would be beyond annoyed if any of the sluggishness that I have experienced was a result of an intentional slowdown. When my school work is impacted, I tend to get quite surly. At this point, I will give Comcast the benefit of the doubt. As I said, I’ve been pretty happy with both our cable and internet services. Overall, internet speed at home has been far superior to speed at work. I do appreciate the effort that they are making to keep in touch with their users. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that all will be well.


5 Responses to Comcast Is All Over The Place

  1. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptI wasn’t intentionally trying to express dissatisfaction with Comcast. Unlike Mark Lindner, I’ve have a pretty positive relationship with Comcast since they took over cable in my geographical area (but admit that I wouldn’t be at all … […]

  2. ComcastCares says:

    Hi Jennifer!
    At Comcast we are actively involved in the blogosphere for a multitude of reason. We have found the feedback in the blogosphere to be very helpful in improving the Customer experience. Are involvement started small and has been increasing more and more. The reason it has increased is Customers have had a very positive reaction to these efforts and the improvement we have been able to provide in their service. Blogs and online forums have really turned into a new way for Customers to communicate with the companies they deal with. It is just a more public form, compared to calls and emails.

    We are working to improve the experience of all our valued Customers. If you would like to learn more of these efforts please visit the following URL:

    Please feel free to keep in contact with Mark or myself if the sluggishness returns. We want you to have a good experience.

    Thank you for being a Comcast Customer!

  3. ComcastCares says:

    I apologize, I meant to include my information on the prior post.

    Frank Eliason
    Comcast Executive Offices

  4. […] problem just recently. I also find it interesting that they actually responded after-the-fact when Jennifer had problems but did not do so for mine, which was a “live” […]

  5. battgino says:

    Comcast may have a huge press blitz on regarding their “Big Push” to repair its image, unfortunately other than pay a good PR specialist I don’t think they have done anything to change their monopolistic user unfriendly ways. As a senior citizen I am on a limited income. The only time my TV is on is during football season yet the money grubbing, greedy monopoly that Comcast is insists that I pay over $70 a month just to get ESPN as part of a package that I don’t need any other channels from. These rates recently went up. How about a football package like the hockey package they offer. No. That wouldn’t get as much money into corporate hands.
    We have to stop this monopoly and call for a cable customer’s bill of rights. We need protection from the constantly increasing rates for decreasing service.

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