The Survey – An Update

So far, I’ve had about 140 responses to my survey. How cool is that? Honestly, I am so, so surprised – and very pleased – with the response. I was hoping for 50 responses. So, I have to say thanks to all of you who were generous enough with your time to take the survey. I really, really appreciate your help – and your comments. I also want to make sure that I give HUGE thanks to Meredith Farkas for linking (without being asked) to my survey on her blog. I have no doubt that this mention helped to increase the number of respondents.

Now comes the question about how long to make the survey available. I definitely don’t expect that I will receive the roughly 40 responses per day that I got earlier this week. However, I definitely want to leave it up for a couple of weeks at least. I have started to look at the data, but haven’t really analyzed it in any depth yet. I think that I need to get an in depth sense of the results this weekend. Hopefully, this will give me a sense of how much longer I should allow people to take the survey.


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