Wow! This Might Be Real

I am deeply engrossed in writing the first draft of my paper for ILS680-Evaluation & Research. While I don’t necessarily feel terribly good about my project in its entirety, I am starting to believe that I will actually be able to finish sometime this month. Due to the fact that I was recently very sick with the nastiest sore throat/swollen glands ever, I got seriously behind in my project. Fortunately, I have recovered, but have been incredibly worried/nervous/petrified that I would not be able to finish this class – and as such, complete the graduation requirements this semester. But now, I am making progress. I should have an entire first draft ready to post to the course site sometime tomorrow. Once I have done that, I need to work on two critques of classmates’ papers, do extensive rewrites of my own, finish my capstone portfolio and do a self-critique of my own finished paper. All of this needs to be done by April 26th.

Despite this all, tonight I have made enough progress on my paper to actually believe that within a couple of weeks I will be done with school. How exciting is that?? I find it very difficult to believe – especially since I am not going to Connecticut for graduation. I’m pretty sure that finishing won’t seem very real. However, I am looking for to be done – very much so. Anyway, it all seems to be happening. Yeah!


4 Responses to Wow! This Might Be Real

  1. Ann says:

    Congratulations on your progess! You will make it!! And finishing will seem very real–I was in a distance program too, and didn’t go to my graduation because it was the same weekend as graduation where I work–but it was very real and a cause for celebration! Hang in there!

  2. There are so many people graduating this semester- which makes me sooo jealous.


  3. James Brown says:

    Hey, Jennifer!
    You’re doing great work. When you get time, I would love to read a copy of your paper. I’m finishing up doctoral studies at University Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the area of educational gerontology. My interest will be in evaluating a free computer literacy program offered by the Milwaukee Public Libraries. I want to find out how participants are impacted by the short computer courses and whether they are influenced to buy or use computers. Let me hear from you when you get some time, and maybe we can share some on our work. I’m not a librarian, although I will be entering the library system for a couple of years to do the qualitative study. Best of luck to you! By the way, awesome work on the bibliography!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Thanks Ann! At this point, I do believe I will finish – and I’m getting very excited.

    Karin, I know how that feels. Last year, I had the same thought about so many people that seemed to be graduating. It was tough. But hang in, it will come!!!

    Hi James, I will keep you posted. I would be be happy to share my paper. I’m glad you enjoyed the bibliography.

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