So, What’s Left?

I spent this weekend finishing up some of the different sections of my paper. As it stands, the paper is essentially done. I will probably re-read it in a day or two in order to look for any remaining grammatical and/or style errors. I’m making myself stay away from it for next day or two so that I will be able to read it with fresh eyes. I still have to do a self-critique and really feel that I need some space in order to do that effectively.

My portfolio is also essentially done. Now that I have finished my paper, I can finish this, make sure all of the links work correctly and burn it to a CD. I then have to mail the CD (and my Student MLS Degree Audit Checklist) to the ILS department. I plan to put the finished touches on the portfolio today and, hopefully, get the CD made and ready for mailing also.

For remaining classwork, I then need to write my self-critique, write a final journal entry of reflections on the class and actually turn the paper in to the professor. All work is due on Friday. Not too bad at all!!

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