Life After School

It has now been about 3 months since I finished up my school work and about 2 months since I felt as if I were “officially done” with my MLS program. Honestly, I’ve done very little outside of work (which has been horrendously busy) and am quite happy with this fact. Rest and relaxation is something that I seriously needed – maybe still need since work has been kicking my posterior a bit lately. I’d love to write about the fact that today a total network outage on the college campus where I work was caused by the fact that a patron in the library plugged one data cable into two live network jacks, creating a loop and making my life miserable, but I am desperately trying to forget about this.

Going to school, even part time, while having a full-time job, is not something that I found easy. My job, which can be incredibly stressful, can often require a great deal of my time and energy. Admittedly, I make this worse because I am the type of person who probably gives my job too much of my time and energy. However, given that I actually love my job most of the time and am not in a position where my husband and I can exist on one salary, the job has always had to take precedence over school. I also had to make sure that I made my family life a priority. While my husband was supportive of my decision to return to school, there were many times when I had to sacrifice time for school work in favor of making sure that I had a happy marriage. All of my remaining time went to school. Now that I am finished, it seems to me that I put my life on hold during the last 2 and a half years, giving all of my energies to my job, my home life and school. Now, I am a bit at a loss as to how to settle into a post-school life. I figure it will come, but am in an interesting sort of limbo-y place right now.

As I read through the first part of this post, it sounds a bit depressing. Interestingly, I don’t intend the tone to actually be that way. I almost feel as if I am in the same spot where I was before I decided to return to school – a place where I’ve become rather passive, allowing life to happen around me rather than being an active participant. Personally, I think this is a space that I sometimes need to be in, but don’t believe it is healthy for me to hang out here for too long. I’m taking the fact that I felt the need to write this post as a sign that I’m trying to break myself out of this limbo-y, passive state – that I a ready to take a more active role in my life. Hope springs eternal 🙂

While I may be done with school, I need to find new avenues of keeping myself interested and engaged in things that matter to me. I need to move beyond the school experience to that which will come next in my life (whatever that may be). I did think that I might be able to rest on my laurels for a bit longer, but know that I need to feel as if I have my life back. Hmm, I hope that isn’t as difficult as it sounds.


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